Why Just After Midnight?

Just After Midnight is dedicated to changing the industry. We are a new breed of digital business one that is experienced, agile, human and most importantly, contactable.

We build robust cloud solutions and build DevOps capability in your business and monitor it every minute of everyday.

No more "phone on the nightstand" and waking your developers in the middle of the night. Peace of mind so you can switch off at night knowing your business, revenue and reputation are being looked after.

Our approach

Our clients come to us with one of two issues:

1. They have a strained relationship with their digital agency or systems integrator

2. They are in the scale-up phase and need to employ a ‘DevOps person’

For the first group we provide a service to fix the mess and are installed as a ‘master agency’ in order to setup new cloud platforms and DevOps processes that work. This means those clients can own their own products and use digital agencies for innovation.

In the second scenario, our message is simple. Why hire one DevOps engineer when you can hire the JAM team round-the-clock? This allows clients to forget the operational and recruitment headaches and focus on growth.

  • 24 Hr Support

    Infrastructure and application support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • Managed Cloud

    Specialist hosting for your web platform

  • DevOps

    Consultancy to help you deliver better products at speed

It makes a massive difference to us to have someone available for all of our global markets. We're really happy to have you on our team.

Senior Manager, High Street Bank

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